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TC-DAQ Ultra-High Resolution Thermocouple DAQ and Data Reader

The TC-DAQ is an ultra-high resolution, 8 channel thermocouple DAQ that is extremely user friendly and comes with a large LCD screen to show the temperatures from all 8 channels simultaneously.





Ultra-high resolution


Real-time screen readout


Simple to use software runs on any Windows operating system 7 and later.  Try it out!

LCD Screen to Show Temperature Readings from All 8 Channels at Once
TC-DAQ thermocouple DAQ
  • Any research requiring accurate temperature measurement

  • Manufacturing processes

  • Temperature monitoring and control systems

  • Do-it-yourself projects requiring multiple temperature sensors

Price (US)

$400   (Note: Does not include cost of sensors)

to place an order.

Up to 8 Different Options for Thermocouple Types

8 Differential (16 Single-Ended)

24-bit Delta-Sigma

<1 µV

Up to 2.5 Hz

Integrated Thermistor for Cold Junction Temperature Compensation

FluxDAQ Data Reader/Acquisition System Specifications

Input Signal Type:

Number of Channels:

Type of ADC:

Voltage Resolution:

Maximum Sampling Rate:*

Standard Features:

* Samping rate is dependent on the number of active channels taking measurements. The specified maximum sampling rate is for 2 active differential channels (1 heat flux & 1 thermocouple)

**Dimensions of FluxDAQ USB interface measurement system in an acrylic enclosure that is built to house the FluxDAQ with all the optional additional features.

***Lead times may vary

Please email for any purchases. Include your shipping address and the number of sensors and types you would like purchase so that we can estimate the shipping and total costs.

Feel free to include any information about your specific application so that we can provide you with a FluxDAQ datalogger with the most appropriate capabilities.


Most thermocouple DAQ's on the market are designed with internal reference temperature measurement located near the circuits isolated from the screw terminal connectors.  This short distance the thermocouple wire changes to copper wire can cause offsets and inaccurate temperature measurements as high as a few degrees.  Our reference is located right at the connectors to ensure the highest level of accuracy possible.

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