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The FluxDAQ is a signal measurement system that can be used for accurately measuring and recording precise analog voltage signals from FluxTeq's heat flux/thermocouple thermal sensors. With 8 high resolution differential voltage input channels, the FluxDAQ is not only an inexpensive data acquisition system but also one of a few systems on the market that can accurately precisely resolve heat flux sensor and thermocouple output signals.


Each complete PHFS heat flux sensor package includes an integrated thermocouple which requires 2 differential channels total for each sensor that is simultaneously measuring both heat flux and temperature signals. Therefore, the FluxDAQ can handle up to 4 complete PHFS sensors that are measuring both heat flux and temperature.


The necessary software to operate the FluxDAQ for your computer, which includes a real-time graphical user interface, is included with every FluxDAQ data reader purchase free of charge.


NOTE: Sensors are not included wtih the FluxDAQ+ System

FluxDAQ Heat Flux Sensor and Thermocouple Measurement System

  • - Purchaser is responsible for shipping costs and providing payment prior to shipment of the products. Customs fees will be charged to recipient for international shipments. Customers must provide a shipping account number (FedEx, UPS, etc.) that the fees can be billed to. Customs fees are not included in the total invoiced amount for shipping fees and vary depending on the destination country. 

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