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Multiple Calibration Systems

We have the capabilities to calibrate our heat flux sensors with both radiation and conduction calibration systems.

Do you have a heat flux sensor that you're unsure is accurately calibrated? Inquire about our calibration services.

Radiation Calibration System

A reference sensor is used to calibrate a quartz lamp bank over a range of heat flux settings.  The test sensor is then mounted to a water-cooled plate and the lamp shines on it over the calibrated range.  Output sensor voltages is recorded for various lamp settings and sensitivity data is taken for a range of radiation heat fluxes.

Conduction Calibration Systems

Two conduction calibration systems have been developed by FluxTeq and cross-calibrated against each other to ensure accurate measurement data and high accuracy sensor calibration.  A small system uses heated and water-cooled plates and a reference sensor to calibrate a test sensor sandwiched between gap pads.  

A larger system is also used according to C1130.  It consists of a guarded hot plate apparatus and NIST certified piece of insulation.

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